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Years before becoming one of the most active performers in downtown Nashville, John Salaway was raised on the sounds of his parents' vinyl collection. He listened to everything: the classic pop of the Beatles, the heavy metal stomp of Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, the progressive intricate musicianship of Yes and Rush, and the rock & roll swagger of the Rolling Stones and AC/DC. Later, the Florida native picked up his first instruments as a child, learning drums, electric guitar and piano before he was a freshman in high school. 


That sort of variety — the multi-instrumentalist listening to multiple styles of music — has left its mark on Salaway's own music, which nods to the past while still pushing forward. A frequent face at world-class venues like BB King's Blues Club in Nashville, he writes melody-driven, wide-ranging songs, using his inspirations as a jumping off point for something new. He also records most of all those songs completely alone, a nod the one-man show he often performs live. 


Salaway's debut album, The Song in the Air, was named 2013's best independent pop/rock album, with critics and fans (including Denny Laine, who helped form the Moody Blues before joining Paul McCartney's Wings in 1971) praising the album for its Beatles-worthy hooks. With 2016's Travel Down the Road of Life though, Salaway swirls up a heavier, grungier sound, working with guitarists like Stuart Mathis (the WallflowersLucinda Williamsand Steve Allen (the Long Players) to create a sound that mixes melody with rock & roll muscle.

Live performance of my song "Only Love Can Save Us Now" on NBC 

We had a very successful spring & fall tour with Denny Laine and The Cryers and we are looking forward to more dates this year!

Denny Laine is a Grammy winning musician who is an original member of The Moody Blues and co founder of Wings with Paul McCartney. Check my calendar for more concerts with Denny Laine.

The Song In The Air is a concept album about the philosophy that music is already in the atmosphere and we have the ability to channel it and turn it into song.

The songs on this album were the songs in the air during the summer of 2013. John recorded every instrument and vocal on the album as if it were a live performance.

The reoccurring theme of the album is about creating positive change in ourselves and our world while we travel down life's path. Each song on the album speaks about at least one of the most important necessities of life which are: Love, Peace, Compassion & Forgiveness.

The album is available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, CD Baby and many other retailers. Click here for "The Song in the Air" on iTunes: The Song in the Air - John Salaway

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John Salaway released this "solo" album under the alias "Acoustic Revolution". The album was written and produced by John Salaway and nearly all the instruments and vocals were performed by John and his brother Mike. Songs from this album received airplay on radio and T.V. and John put a touring group together but stopped releasing music as "Acoustic Revolution" when another band started using the same name.

Click here for John's Acoustic Revolution album on Itunes:

John Salaway is a recording artist, songwriter and nationally endorsed multi instrumentalist. John has performed with Peter Frampton, Ben Folds, Anderson East, Denny Laine, Gordon Kennedy, Scott Holt, The Last Straw, Forever Abbey Road and many more. John Salaway's concept album "The Song in the Air", on which he played and produced all the instruments, was named ¨The Best independent pop/rock release of 2013¨ by the examiner and Yahoo entertainment news. He was recently featured in American Songwriter and on a Nashville compilation album from Bands Under The Radar along side Brendan Benson, Moon Taxi, Daniel Ellsworth, Mathew Perryman Jones, Goodbye June and many more. Currently, John is writing for multiple Hollywood film and tv music libraries and collaborating with Grammy winning producers, songwriters and engineers in Nashville.

John Salaway has a degree in music business and his compositions have appeared on many T.V. and radio stations and he co-writes and performs with multiple artists and songwriters in Nashville TN.

 John has received artist deals and endorsements from Washburn Acoustic Guitars, Amedia Cymbals, Pedaltrain, Mapex drums, USMusic Corps, Daddario Strings, Regal Tip Drum Sticks and more... Visit his Regal Tip Page here:

Amedia Cymbals Artist Page Here: